"Radisol" is not the only quality service. Also we offer the opportunity to earn using our referal programm.
This offer may be interesting for companies is engaged in creation of websites and IT-freelancers.

This is simple!
Customer registers using your partner code, and you get deductions up to 30% from all payments which customer will pay.

Our conditions:

Deduction %% Conditions
20% Immediately after register.
25% When all your attracted customers paid more then 5000 rubles.
30% When all your attracted customers paid more then 10000 rubles.

Funds withdrawal conditions

  • To WMR wallet (webmoney) when 445 and more rubles accumulated
  • To any other hosting account in our system when 100 and more rubles accumulated

To make order of funds withdrawal, you should send request from control panel using "Support center". Mark request with theme "Partnership"

Request body should include funds withdrawal type. If it is WMR - include WMR number. If it is hosting account - include account number.

How to get the partner code

  • Register account at our system. register
  • Access to control panel data will be sent to your email.
    Copy your partner code
  • Activate partnership.
    • Login to billing control panel Username and password were sent to your email after registraton.
    • Go to "Partner programm"
    • Choose current programm.
      Twice clic on string "hosting Radisol.RU" to do it
      then push "Ok"
    • After that you'll see your referal link which you shuold use to register your customers.