Dedicated server rent

Our company offers dedicated server rent services.

This service includes:

  • Free server installation and location at one of the most reliable data center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
  • Uplink 100 Mb/s;
  • Free replacement of failed hardware;
  • Two IPv4 linked to server;
  • IP-KVM to server (if requested);

You can order dedicated server of any configuration.
If you don't know needed configuration for your requirements,
we'll help you to find optimal variant.

Configuration examples which are ready for installation at the moment:

Manufacturer Configuration
Dell CPU - Xeon 2x5440; RAM from 0 Gb to 16 Gb; HDD you can choose (SSD,SAS,SATA).
Hewlett-Packard CPU - Xeon 2x5530; RAM from 0 Gb to 144 Gb; HDD you can choose (SSD,SAS,SATA).
Supermicro CPU - Xeon 2x5650; RAM from 0 Gb to 192 Gb; HDD you can choose (SSD,SAS,SATA).

To order dedicated server, contact us any convinient way from page contacts